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Moxie Blue

Seattle's Favorite MILF

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About Moxie Blue

Burlesque performer and host

Some things are just better with age and this mistress of amusement has been showing Pacific Northwest audiences that since February 2019. Seattle’s Favorite MILF, Moxie Blue, is the curvaceous cure to whatever is ailing you. Sassy, smart, and sarcastic, she's here to command your attention until she gets the job done…leaving you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. 

You may have seen her in various Seattle productions including No Closet Follies 2021,  Whole Lotta Love Seattle,  Bacon Strip, Schitt’s Chic, and  InsecuriTease, but this Pacific Northwesterner has appeared in several Portland based productions. Ms. Blue has even taken her ample…assets on the road to the Vermont Burlesque Festival (2020, 2022, 2023), Panama Burlesque Fest 2023, Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Kootenay Burlesque Festival, Booklovers Burlesque Festival, and Fatlesque Fest. Always serving up some “Mrs. Robinson Realness,” Ms. Blue will  beguile you.  Whether it be with her favorite riding crop in hand or while she is dripping in pearls, you’ll get to love the many moods of Moxie Blue.

This boss babe is also the founder of Fat Bottom Productions.  Hosting monthly productions that showcase a vast variety of local burlesque talent, this MILF is true blue and believes in giving back to the community that she is a part of. 

So sit up straight and keep your eyes on Moxie Blue, your seduction is long overdue. 

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“Burlesque is about allowing yourself to be comfortable in your body”


Why burlesque?

Burlesque as an art form has been around since the 1900's. It's a form of story-telling, using music, props, and our bodies. It's inherently political -- as performers we choose what you see and the story we tell. I fell into burlesque in 2019 as I was looking for a creative outlet. Burned out on my volunteer work in non-profits, I missed the fun and creativity of building a costume, dancing, and a creative community. Enter burlesque. It took me several months to decide I needed to jump in. For me it was an opportunity to come to terms with my changing body -- the scars, rolls, wrinkles that age and experience bring. A mastectomy in 2010 and reconstruction 5 years later brought me to a point where I wanted to tell my story and to encourage others as well. When I didn't see anyone else like me on the stage, I created my own production company and brought other performers that tend to be marginalized because of race, size, age, or gender bias, to my stage. Burlesque is a way for me to say that I'm comfortable in my own body, and I'm still desirable. So here's to age, beauty, and a kiss-off to those that don't agree. Tits up! Moxie Blue

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